Not all managed services are the same.  Traditional providers may lock you into lengthy contracts and sticky renewal clauses.  Additionally, they operate with such significant operational costs that get passed on to you with outrageous prices, low-end technical resources, or both!

Stop paying for the executive golf trips!


At Main Street, we flip the managed services model on its head.  By eliminating unnecessary operational overhead, employing top-tiered experts and leveraging best-of-breed solutions, we provide you the most talented professionals in a cost-effective model.  We provide the flexibility to go month-to-month in a model that puts you, the customer in control.  Whether you need temporary support, complete outsourcing, or something in the middle, our team is here to partner with you.  We are all on-shore, certified, senior-level professionals with over 15 years of consulting and services experience.

Our Services Include:

  • 24x7 monitoring and incident management

  • Proactive management of your entire enterprise system

  • Security assessment and management

  • Performance assessment and remediation

  • Object & package management

  • Environment management

  • Functional application management

  • JDE install, upgrade or migration

  • Orchestration design and management

  • Enterprise integration design and management

  • Cloud architecture management

  • Enterprise analytics-as-a-service (AaaS)

  • And much more!