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A Half-Dozen of Our Favorite Power BI Features

1. User Interface: Easy to use click, drag, drop of fields for visuals. Intuitive, Right click for renaming and other options and easy formatting. You can’t hurt anything!

2. Alerts: No need to monitor the data. Set up alerts on Key Point Indicators so that you are notified when a target is met or if inventory falls below a certain level, for example.

3. Quick Insights: Without you even looking at the data, this feature will highlight obvious trends or irregularities. Not all of them are useful, but some of them are, and a perfect place to start.

4. Importing visuals: With new ways to display data being created frequently by any number of sources, you are able to bring unique and new visuals in from other sources that will give your story the very latest “super star” impact it deserves.

5. Cloud-based options: Sharing your analysis with other users without the need to e-mail by publishing to the Power BI Service and automating data refresh.

6. Intellisense: As you begin typing a custom column formula, this code completion aid, suggests columns and parameters so that you can hit enter or select and let you get on to the next part of your formula. What are your favorite features?

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