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Burdened with costly analytics and BI consulting fees?

Struggling to find and retain the best talent on your analytics team?

Is your team barely keeping up with the pace of business?


At Main Street, we provide a refreshing change to the traditional consulting model.  With our Analytics-as-a-Service offering, you gain access to the industry's top talent, at a fraction of the cost of consulting.  Our team of experts provide continuous support for your enterprise analytics platform, end-to-end.  From the database to the dashboard and everything in between, you can count on us to be proactive, responsive, and engaging.  We become an extension of your team, enabling them to focus on more meaningful business objectives.

Fixed Costs:  Our pricing model is affordable and predictable.  No surprises.

Industry Experts:  Seasoned professionals with decades of experience.

Flexible Offerings:  Ass additional services as you need, we cater to you.


It's the reason everyone knows, We Are What's Next. ™

Our Services Include:

  • 24x7 Management of BI Infrastructure

    • DB Performance and Availability

    • ETL/ELT Support and Management

    • Visualization Support

    • Microsoft Power BI Gateway Management

    • End-user Support

    • Regular Status Reports

    • And more!

  • Additional Services:

    • Discounted BI Development Rate

    • Data Lineage Reporting Tools

    • Data Observability Tools

    • Data Governance Advisory

    • Discounted BI/Analytics Training

    • Data Cleansing & MDM

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