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PowerBI Robots: How Can I Send A Playlist Of PowerBI Reports To My Team?

Whether you need to enable a really fast month-end close or need the convenience of receiving your data analytics in your inbox, having the right tool to automate reporting is key. Do you use SSMS or JDE’s Orchestrator® or Power BI scheduling tool? Wait a minute, Power BI® doesn’t have a built-in scheduling tool! While Power BI® is free to use if you are using Microsoft, it lacks any scheduling functionality. With Microsoft Power BI®, the out-of-the-box solution for scheduling reports can be cumbersome, requiring a manual process for each user to subscribes to defined pages. The frequency, or day and time of delivery are all user specified options and the user receives a print screen of the dashboard as well as a link to the report which will open the interactive report in the browser.

Automatically running real-time ERP reports and delivering during off-hours and on the weekends can give you time you need to do your work or whatever you feel . . . you need to be doing. Running reports may seem mechanical at times, so why hasn’t an automation or robot been created yet to run your Power BI® reports? Trust me, just because you aren’t the one running the report, doesn’t mean you aren’t needed! You are the key resource and if you can let Alexa do the shopping, and potentially listen in on all of your personal conversations and let Roomba do the housework, in the places that it can reach, why can’t something run your reports for you? Well, here it is! PowerBI Robots®. We aren’t selling it, we just like it. It is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) utility that facilitates automatic scheduling of dashboards and reports and allows you to e-mail Power BI® reports, save to a shared location or a SharePoint server. Why not? It’s likely you already have Microsoft Power BI® as part of your Microsoft Suite, so that part is free or practically so depending on whether you’d like added functionality. Along with SSMS, scheduling reports can be a breeze. We recommend PowerBI Robots® for the ease of running and distributing your reports automatically. Such a subtle yet powerful solution to an already feature rich solution. Give us a shout, we’d love to show you how it works! -Joe Wolf is an ERP Functional Analyst and Business Intelligence Solution Consultant with Main Street Apps.

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